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This Business is For Sale

Due to unfortunate circumstances, this business is for sale.

We had to close our doors, but if you are interested in purchasing some of the equipment or all of the equipment please get in touch!

You may email for additional information.

Thank You!


Welcome To Squealer's Family Fun Center

We are currently closed!

Hours of Operation:


Monday - WednesdayClosed
Thursday & FridayClosed

Daily Rates:


Golf or Jumps$5.00Under 2 Years Old
Golf or Jumps$8.002 Years Old and Older
Golf & Jumps$12.00All Ages
Batting Cages$1.0015 Balls
Batting Cages$15.0030 Mins. Unlimited

Family Deals - $45.99 Includes:

  • 4 Rounds of Golf And 4 Jumps
  • 1 Pizza
  • 4 Drinks
  • 4 Bags of Chips/Candy


If you have a special request for a combination for Golf, Inflatables, XBOX Room, party rooms etc, we will work with you to make the type of party you want to have!

*Ask about Gift Cards*


Contact Us

44W104 Route 20
Hampshire IL 60140
Phone: 847-683-9550
Fax: 847-683-9590

Need More Info?
Email us at: